Single Release “Fly Away Sweet Angel” out now.

Die neue Single “Fly Away Sweet Angel” ist endlich veröffentlicht. The Sensory definitely sounds different than before. More Rock Blues elements enriched with a high dose of soul vocals.


Why are you sending an angel away?

The song is about sacrifice and dedication, to pass on your own happiness to those who need it more.
The theme is omnipresent in many life situations. To tempt fate is one thing, but sending your “angel of luck” to someone who needs it more than you, is a testify of grace and size.

Actually, the song is already over 20 years old. Smail Begman and Kico Babic produced the work in the trip-hop project “Faktor-B” in the late 1998.
The song is of great importance today because both composers see this piece as a homage to their fathers.