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The Sensory - Who We Are

The band was founded in 2003 by the members Kico (keys) and Marcel (drums) in Schaffhausen (a town in the middle-north of Switzerland). Since then, the band has released several productions in various musical styles. The name “The Sensory” was chosen by the preference of writing soulful and sensitive music.

Today: With inspiration from the sound of the 60s and 70s, yet with a fondness for contemporary grooves, there evolved a musical structure loaded with concentrated warm soul and arrangements reminiscent of the good old Abbey Road Studios, with crisp beats provided by a dash of fine electronics. The sound is not at all musty-sounding but rather brand new and hot! With old instruments and a massive sound the perfect foundation is set for the distinctive charismatic soulfully vocals.

The Sensory – simply 5 avowed fans of the late 60’s, ant the early 70’s turn a little on the wheel of time with their soulful vintage sound. Join us and go back in time!

The Sensory - Band
Marion Bialecki


The Sensory - Mankie


The Sensory - Marcel


Drums & Percussion
Luki Jumping with guitar


The Sensory - Kico



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