Towards the end of the recording of this album, and after molding all the songs into one collection, we realized for the first time what we had on our hands: a compilation of experiences, touching on some of the most intense moments we had, both as a band and as individual people, over the past five years. Everything from the loss, the birth, separation, and divorce, the beginning of a new romance, thrill, love, fidelity, betrayal, loneliness, life and death.

All are manifested in the stories contained in this record.

Each story is shared without a filter, unedited, laid down in its original, authentic form, as spare as each instrument we employed in creating the music and transmitted directly onto the tape. With this album, we come full circle, with the organic sound returning us to our musical roots. That is, these songs, stories, instruments and the sound itself, represent simply
our Unadulterated Truth.



Release Date : 20. March 2020
Artist : The Sensory
Format : Vinyl